Comcast Email Technical Support Number – 888 582 9956


Comcast Email users can sign in to their email account, use text services and voicemail services from Given that Comcast has been a company that is famous for the remarkable creativity of products in both the technology and entertainment sector. It is almost a perfect destination for users who prefer focusing on using email over any other form of communication methods.

Whether it is an issue of Comcast email login problem or Comcast password recovery, get in touch with the Comcast email customer service team to resolve this issue. Comcast Email users who face any such issues, generally take help of Comcast email technical support in four ways:

  • Chat with Xfinity
  • Talk to an agent by requesting a call
  • Visit the Xfinity store or service center
  • Social media including Facebook, Twitter, forums Reddit

Follow This Step by Step Guide as A Part of Comcast Email Technical Support:-

For Those Comcast Email Users Who Need to Sign in To Their Account
  1. As soon as you open, on the top right-most corner you would see the Email icon. Just have to click on that
  2. As soon as you enter your login details such as id and password, press the sign-in button.
  3. As soon as you enter the page you will be gradually redirected to the Xfinity connecting dashboard.
  4. Now you can access your mail account without any hassle by simply clicking on the mail tab visible to you.
For Those Who Need to Add a Comcast Email Address in Account
  • Login by clicking My Account
  • Select concerned user for whom email address has to be added
  • Now, on viewing the Personal Contact Information section on the user page, select the Edit option placed next to additional email.
  • The option to add a Personal Email Address would come on the next page.
  • If there is a Personal Email Address already associated, click remove to erase it
  • Then click on Add Email.
  • Lasts step is to fill verification code which is sent as an email verification link.
  • Remember that this link will expire within 72hrs
  • By default, your preferred email address will become, until and unless users update it.
To Set Preferred/Default Email Address
  1. After login into the concerned user’s account, click on Edit option next to Preferred email.
  2. In order to make the listed email address your default email address, choose the option given as “Make This Preferred”. The selected email address would be made your default/preferred one.

Also, remember that not everyone has access to the Comcast Email system. Only Xfinity subscribers exclusively have access to it and can enjoy the email system for exchanging messages with their contacts.

How to Check Comcast Email’s Activity Status?

Users can check the activity status by first logging in to “My Account”. Then, under the “Services” tab, navigate to the “Additional Features” section, or else under the “Users” tab, select the “Contact Information” section. You will get the required information that you are seeking at this point.

Methods to Access Comcast Email Account So That It Is Considered Active

  • Xfinity Connect app for mobile devices
  • Xfinity webmail
  • Third-party email applications like Outlook, iPhone Mail, etc.

Comcast email accounts that are inactive can be re-activated by accessing through any of the above three methods. But remember that deleted content would not be available.

What If the User Has Disconnected Xfinity Service but Wants to Access Comcast Email Account?

Only if the user has logged in to their Xfinity account within 90 days prior to disconnecting this service, they can use their Comcast email system and exchange emails with their contacts. However, this would be subject to certain terms and conditions which they would be able to refer to in case they face any problem in accessing the email. Also, if you are one of those users, you can get in touch with the Comcast email technical support team and sort out the issues you are facing.

Visit Contact to Expert in case you need further assistance for Comcast email login problem, or if you require any support for Comcast password recovery. Our super-efficient team of customer support representatives will assist you with everything and make your experience worthwhile.