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One of the most common problems Gmail users tend to face is the password recovery when they forget their last Gmail password. Thanks to our team of Gmail technical support which has been solid through the years, there are multiple yet safe and secure ways to recover your Gmail password as you seek our assistance.Gmail password recovery

Gmail password recovery is smooth and hassle-free due to its efficient technical support. You can get your Gmail password recovered in the following ways.

Recover your Gmail account process-

Reset Your Password

  1. Follow the steps to recover your account by answering the questions asked to you. Doing this properly would help Google to confirm that it’s your account. And after that, you will receive a confirmation email from Google.
  2. If you do not receive the confirmation email from Google, follow the below-mentioned steps:
  • Check your spam folder as well as the Bulk Mail folder
  • In the next step, add “[email protected]” to your address book.
  • And request for another email from them.
  • Check all the email addresses that you had used to sign in to your account
  • Choose a strong password which is a combination of letters, digits and some special characters as well.

In Situations, When You Forgot Gmail Password

  1. As you forgot the Gmail password, here, you will need to answer some questions to confirm that it is your account. Answer them correctly.
  2. In case you are still having a problem in sighing into the Google account, follow the below mentioned Google account recovery steps. Gmail has numerous steps to get you a new password, only after ensuring that its actually you.
  3. Gmail can either send a One Time Password (OTP) to your registered mobile number or prompt a number on your mobile number and you need to either tap at it or enter that number on your desktop/laptop.
  4. When prompted, reset your password and choose a strong password to minimize the chances of hackers causing trouble to your account.

Changing Your Existing Password

  1. Open your Google Account and sign in to it.
  2. For that, you will need to select Signing into Google under the Security option.
  3. Choose your preferred Password. You will need to sign in once again to complete the process.
  4. Enter the new password you have chosen and then select the option of Change Password.
If you find yourself in a situation when you forgot your Gmail email address as well as the password, follow the steps below to recover both and sign in to your Gmail account:-
  1. Here you will require three things;
    • The phone number which you provided during the signing up process
    • Secondary (recovery) email address which you provided during the signing up process
    • Your Full Name for the Gmail account
  2. Follow the instructions so that you can confirm that it is your own account.
  3. You’ll see a list of matching usernames and then you can identify yours.
  4. If you think that someone else uses your Gmail account or hacked into it.
  5. Follow the steps to recover your Gmail account from the hackers.
  6. Create a new account if you can’t sign in after the following tips for account recovery.
Is There a Gmail Customer Service or Gmail Support Number?

It is yet to be present. Remember that it’s not possible for Google to have a Gmail support number or Gmail customer service due to the huge scale of users actively using it. To attend such massive users ‘claims and queries won’t be possible. Remember that you never give out your passwords or verification codes to anyone. Gmail currently has no support number or customer service, so make sure you don’t give out your personal details to anyone posing to be their representative or customer care executive.

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