Hotmail Technical Support

Hotmail technical support number 1-866-512-4771

There can be many critical situations that may occur while using the Hotmail account wherein you have to contact the Hotmail technical support. Such a situation can arise for example when you found that your account has been hacked. This can be resolved by the Hotmail customer service team which is there for help and assistance via the Hotmail technical support. You need not worry much about this since you’ll be more than happy to contact them due to a few of their characteristics:

Hotmail Technical Support

  • The presence around the globe at any time of the day
  • Known for providing the most appropriate solutions for almost everything related to a technical error
  • Highly experienced professionals
  • During the process, we are always there to support in every way possible

In What Situations You May Have to Consult Hotmail Customer Service?

When Your Account Gets Hacked:

If you find the Hotmail login problem. It may be possible that your account is hacked or compromised and all your details and information present in the account are under the custody of the hacker. In such a case when your account gets hacked, firstly, you are advised to instantly reset the password of the account. Generally, this situation occurs when you leave your account signed in in an unknown place or at a common platform such as a cyber cafe.

The moment you find that your account has been hacked you must contact the customer service team by calling in Hotmail support number and we shall help you recover your account safely. The most important thing that you could do is reset your password instantly when you come to know about the same.

You Forgot Either Your Username or Password

There can be a situation when you may forget either your Hotmail username or password or even the both, you would need to contact the Hotmail technical support team for Hotmail password recovery. Getting back your account access will give you the freedom to enjoy an uninterrupted email service in the future.

When Your Emails Are Too Long:

If your emails are too long you might find problems in sending the emails to the recipients. Sending exceptionally long emails may give you the problems of not getting sent. You may require to contact the Hotmail customer service to help you with such a situation.


Importance of Password: It Plays A Vital Role Here

You should always make sure that while login to your Hotmail account you always use the correct password. There will be times when you tend to forget the password that you had recently changed, in that case, there is only one option and that is to visit the Hotmail Password Recovery page which in turn takes help from the Hotmail technical support team. Always make sure to take a note of your recently changed password to avoid any inconvenience in the future, however, never share your password with anyone else.

Various Reasons to Block Your Account

One of the several reasons to block your account can be that you must have tried to log in several times. Another reason could be when you leave your account inactive for a long period. In other situations when you happen to find your account in the blocked state, the least you can do is contact the Hotmail support team which again falls under the category of Hotmail Technical Support. Once you are aware of the fact that you no longer remember your password, make sure you don’t try several times. The most important thing that you should ensure is to keep your account active in regular interval of time. you may take help from the Hotmail customer service under any other situation for any inconvenience.

How to Contact Us?

For any assistance and difficulty Contact the Microsoft Customer service and Technical Support on the following telephone numbers:

  • In the USA, (800)642-7676
  • In Canada, call (877)568-2495
  • In India, contact 0008004402130
  • In the UK, contact 08000260330

Get in touch with the professional team of contact with Experts in case you need further assistance for Hotmail technical support. We are always happy to help you with all your queries and put in our every bit to make sure that your problems are sorted.